Care Home Data Review Summary Report

The Care Home Data Review (CHDR) is a multi-agency (Scottish Government, Public Health Scotland, and Care Inspectorate) review of the national data landscape relating to care homes for adults.

Ongoing Oversight & Governance

A number of the recommendations from the review are likely to require significant resource to implement, with some sequencing required due to the interdependence between recommendations. With resources currently limited by existing work pressures, taking forward the next stages of the review will require prioritisation of the recommendations and consideration of how best to free up resource to focus on data and process development. Similarly, there are a number of ongoing and planned data development projects across the health and social care data space, many of which will have cross-cutting objectives. Work to implement the CHDR recommendations will need to be aware of, and aligned to, the wider data development projects being taken forward as part of the Data Strategy for Health and Social Care.

The phased work programme to be established by the Care Home Data Working Group will be overseen by the Social Care Data and Intelligence Programme Board (SCDIPB). Progress on the Care Home Data Review workstream will be directly managed by the Social Care Data and Intelligence Executive Group.

Due to the wide-ranging nature of the review, there will be a number of cross-cutting work strands from the review which will be alternatively / additionally overseen by the Health and Social Care Data Delivery Sub-Board and the Data Standards Sub-Board.



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