Care Home Data Review Summary Report

The Care Home Data Review (CHDR) is a multi-agency (Scottish Government, Public Health Scotland, and Care Inspectorate) review of the national data landscape relating to care homes for adults.

Project Scope

The review focusses solely on data requirements relating to care homes and will form one strand of a much wider review of Social Care data, analytical requirements and products/outputs. Specifically, the review covers:

  • All nationally collected data (published & unpublished), including administrative data and management information, relating to care homes.
  • Data quality, coherence and completeness across all data sources to highlight areas for potential rationalisation.
  • Establishing current and emerging data requirements and evidence gaps, including those due to data quality issues.
  • Consideration of alternative sources of information, methods of collection and the potential for reusing data already available.

Data used for the daily operational needs of running of care homes and internal care home reports are out of the scope of the review. However, whilst the review covers only national care home data collections, it will take account of, and may impact on, how data are collected and used locally.



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