Care in the Digital Age: delivery plan 2024 to 2025

Update for 2024 to 2025 to the national digital health and care strategy's delivery plan which describes activities supporting Health Boards, HSCPs, local authorities, primary care, social care, social work, and care providers to offer new or improved services.

Digital Futures - Innovating and Enhancing Our Digital Nation

Our wellbeing and economy benefits as Scotland remains at the heart of digital innovation and development.

What we will deliver

Why we are doing this

Who is leading this work

When it will be delivered and progress

Opportunities for knowledge exchange, funding and collaboration with international stakeholders.

Promoting Scotland as a leader and as a strong collaborative & learning partner in digital health and care.

Support the sustainable development and delivery of digital health and social care for Scotland.

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division DHI

March 2024

On Track

Data tools to improve and automate theatre scheduling increasing the number of operations carried out across multiple specialties.

Help tackle waiting list backlogs by expanding the number of boards involved on the piloting of it.

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division with NHSS Chief Operating Office

Pilots completed September 2023.

Procurement completed April 2024.

On Track

A National approach to the ethical, transparent consideration of adoption and implementation of AI based tools, products and services.

Create a national policy framework for the use of AI as part of overall work on the Data Strategy.

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division


December 2024 On Track

Launch health and social care themed ‘Innovation for Wellbeing’ challenges through CivTech 10.

Provide a national opportunity for multiple health and social care organisations to collaboratively identify and request solutions for specific challenges facing the health and social care sector .

An approach that seeks to bring to light innovation and ideas on an established national platform that can benefit of the whole of Scotland .

CivTech challenges allows the bespoke nature of health and social care sector which requires a unique set of skills and approaches given its complexity and size to come together to develop innovative solutions .

CivTech (Digital Directorate )

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division and Chief Scientist Office (CSO )

NHS Test Beds


COSLA ’s Digital Office and others, depending on the nature of the challenges .

June 2024

On Track



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