Care in the Digital Age: delivery plan 2024 to 2025

Update for 2024 to 2025 to the national digital health and care strategy's delivery plan which describes activities supporting Health Boards, HSCPs, local authorities, primary care, social care, social work, and care providers to offer new or improved services.

Digital Access

People have flexible digital access to information, their own data and services that support their health and wellbeing, wherever they are.

What we will deliver

Why we are doing this

Who is leading this work

When it will be delivered and progress

Improved access to Health and Care services through the delivery of a Digital Inclusion programme.

Support the increase in access to a range of health and care services through digital, raising awareness and improving digital skills for people who could benefit most.

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division

Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO)

December 2024

On Track

Expand capability of resources, advice and guidance through improvements to NHS inform as a national asset for publicly trusted health information, promoting greater self-management and acting as a gateway into health services.

Enable people to take charge of their own health, have an increased knowledge of how and where to access help and support.

Reduce pressure on NHS Scotland services by providing tools for appropriate self-care.

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division NHS24


On Track

Through the Digital Lifelines Scotland (Drug Death Prevention) Programme, digital solutions which support people who are at risk of drug related harm to reduce digital exclusion and improve health outcomes

Improve digital inclusion and design digital solutions that better meet people’s needs, to improve the health outcomes for people who use drugs, reducing the risk of harm and death.

Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI) SCVO

March 2025

On Track

Delivery of the first phase of development of an interactive ‘Digital Front Door’ for the people of Scotland.

Provide people with the ability to interact with a range of different services across health and social care both online and via mobile applications.

Build on the learning from the introduction of the NHS24 online app released in December 2022.

Ensure an appropriate engagement approach is implemented with accompanying Equalities and Data Protection Impact Assessments in place.

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division Convention Of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) COSLA’s Digital Office

Social Work Scotland

NHS Health Boards

March 2026

On Track

Review of the My Diabetes My Way Platform for public access to their health record and better use of data for public benefit.

Consider options in ensuring sustainability.

Increase uptake where appropriate and support access for those who could benefit most.

Improve use of data from SCI-diabetes.

My Diabetes My Way Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division NHS Tayside


April 2024

On Track

A review of the options for the vCreate digital tool in supporting neurological conditions and maternal/neonatal with current national contract expiry in 2024.

Consider uptake and impact to date.

Consider potential contract re-provision options.

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division

April 2024




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