Care in the Digital Age: delivery plan 2024 to 2025

Update for 2024 to 2025 to the national digital health and care strategy's delivery plan which describes activities supporting Health Boards, HSCPs, local authorities, primary care, social care, social work, and care providers to offer new or improved services.

Digital Skills and Leadership

Digital skills are seen as core skills for the workforce across the health and care sector.

What we will deliver

Why we are doing this

Who is leading this work

When it will be delivered and progress

Provide a Leading Digital Transformation in Health and Care MSc for 50 people a year.

Support and develop our current and future leaders to drive, deliver and embed digital transformation across Scotland’s health and care service.


March 2026

On Track

A refreshed programme supporting digital data leadership and skills via published Learning Pathways for specific staff groupings and career stages.

To further develop the core skills and digital confidence of the current, future, and specialist workforce in health and social care.

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division COSLA

COSLA’s Digital Office




September 2024

On Track

Support the development of our specialist Digital, Data, and Technology (DDaT) professional workforce.

Inform recruitment and retention and ensure the appropriate level of leadership, skills and capacity, with an initial focus on the DDaT Capability Framework within NHS Scotland Boards.

Scottish Government Digital Health and Care Division

COSLA’s Digital Office

NHS Boards


December 2025

On Track

Promote move to continuous model of measuring digital maturity progress, and use results to inform priority setting and planning.

Develop ongoing understanding of organisational digital maturity which will be used to drive planning and priority setting of local health and social care systems and national plans.

All NHS Boards


Local Authorities

Digital Maturity continuous model launched October 2023


Results used to inform planning and priorities


Summary report published December 2023.

Digital Mindset Masterclasses to increase knowledge and awareness of digital health, governance and leadership skills.

Develop leaders’ understanding of the digital agenda, build confidence and competence to harness and exploit opportunities of digital transformation in health and social care services.


March 2024

On Track



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