EU exit: action plan for further and higher education

Our latest understanding of what Brexit would mean for Scotland's further and higher education sectors, and what we as a responsible government are doing to mitigate these risks.


We are taking action across the range of identified impacts expected as a result of EU Exit and will continue to do so regardless of whether a deal is secured or not. As part of this we are liaising intensely with the UK Government and the other Devolved Administrations.

We are also working closely with both sectors through a Brexit Forum on Colleges and a Brexit Forum on Universities, and will continue to review whether further actions are needed. We are working closely with the Scottish Funding Council in collating and analysing data and evidence of the potential impact on our colleges and universities of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

We are doing everything we can to protect the interests of Scotland. We will always passionately make the case for EU membership, support a welcoming attitude to migration, and recognise the enormous contributions EU citizens make to our country.



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