Breast Cancer Clinical Quality Performance Indicators Engagement Document.

Document explaining the process of, and inviting engagement on, revision of the breast cancer QPIs.

Appendix 4: 3-Yearly National Governance Process and Improvement Framework for Cancer Care

This process is underpinned by the annual regional reporting and governance framework (see appendix 5).

Appendix 4: 3-Yearly National Governance Process and Improvement Framework for Cancer Care

1. National QPI Development Stage

  • QPIs developed by QPI development groups, which include representation from Regional Cancer Networks, Healthcare Improvement Scotland, ISD, patient representatives and the Cancer Coalition.

2. Data Analysis Stage:

  • NHS Boards and Regional Cancer Advisory Groups ( RCAGs)* collect data and analyse on yearly basis using nationally agreed measurability criteria and produce action plans to address areas of variance, see section 2.
  • Submit yearly reports to ISD for collation and publication every 3 years.
  • ISD produce comparative, publicly available, national report consisting of trend analysis of 3 years data and survival analysis.
  • National comparative report approved by NHS Boards and RCAGs.

3. Expert Review Group Stage (for 3 tumour types per year):

  • Expert group, hosted by Healthcare Improvement Scotland, review comparative national results.
  • Write to RCAGs highlighting areas of good practice and variances.
  • Where required NHS Boards requested to submit improvement plans for any outstanding unresolved issues with timescales for improvement to expert group.
  • Improvement plans ratified by expert group and Scottish Cancer Taskforce.

4. Improvement Support Stage:

  • Where required Healthcare Improvement Scotland provide expertise on improvement methodologies and support.

5. Monitoring Stage:

  • RCAGs work with Boards to progress outstanding actions, monitor improvement plans and submit progress report to Healthcare Improvement Scotland.
  • Healthcare Improvement Scotland report to Scottish Cancer Taskforce as to whether progress is acceptable.

6. Escalation Stage:

  • If progress not acceptable, Healthcare Improvement Scotland will visit the service concerned and work with the RCAG and Board to address issues.
  • Report submitted to Scottish Cancer Taskforce and escalation with a proposal to take forward to Scottish Government Health Department.

*In the South and East of Scotland Cancer Network ( SCAN) the Regional Cancer Planning Group is the equivalent group to Regional Cancer Advisory Group ( RCAG).


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