Breast Cancer Clinical Quality Performance Indicators Engagement Document.

Document explaining the process of, and inviting engagement on, revision of the breast cancer QPIs.

Appendix 2: Breast Cancer QPI Development Group Membership

Name Designation Cancer Network/Base
Jennifer Armstrong Senior Medical Officer (CHAIR) Scottish Government
Ruth Adamson Consultant Pathologist (Clinical Lead – Subgroup 1) WoSCAN (Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock)
Matthew Barber Consultant Surgeon (Clinical Lead – Subgroup 2) SCAN (Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
Sophie Barrett Consultant Oncologist WoSCAN (Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre)
Carolyn Bedi Consultant Oncologist SCAN (Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
Emma Bennett Lead Breast Care Nurse Specialist SCAN (Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
Janet Clarke Consultant Radiographer SCAN (Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
John Dewar Consultant Oncologist (Clinical Lead – Subgroup 3) NOSCAN (Ninewells Hospital, Dundee)
Heather Deans Consultant Radiologist NOSCAN (Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen)
Hilary Dobson Clinical Director (Clinical Lead – Subgroup 1) WoSCAN ( WoS Breast Screening Service, Glasgow)
Christine Dodds Senior Cancer Audit Facilitator SCAN (Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
Clare Echlin Acting Head of Standards Development Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Steven Heys Consultant Breast Surgeon NOSCAN (Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen)
Alison Lannigan Consultant Breast Surgeon (Clinical Lead – Subgroup 2) WoSCAN (Wishaw General Hospital, Lanarkshire)
Joseph Loane Consultant Pathologist SCAN (Western General Hospital, Edinburgh)
Evelyn Macdonald Clinical Nurse Specialist NOSCAN (Raigmore Hospital, Inverness)
Stella MacPherson Patient Representative  
Carol Marshall Information Manager WoSCAN
Andy Maylon Consultant Plastic Surgeon WoSCAN (Royal Infirmary, Glasgow)
Pauline McIlroy Clinical Nurse Specialist WoSCAN (Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre)
Brian Murray National Cancer Information Coordinator Information Services Division
Colin Purdie Consultant Pathologist NOSCAN (Ninewells Hospital, Dundee)
Iona Scott Project Manager  
Carole Smith Patient Representative  
Evelyn Thomson Regional Manager (Cancer) WoSCAN
Eva Weiler-Mithoff Consultant Plastic Surgeon WoSCAN (Royal Infirmary, Glasgow)
Philippa Whitford Consultant Surgeon WoSCAN (Crosshouse Hospital, Kilmarnock)

NOSCAN - North of Scotland Cancer Network

SCAN – South East Scotland Cancer Network

WoSCAN – West of Scotland Cancer Network


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