The Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) Eradication Scheme phase 4: guidance for vets

This guidance has been replaced by the 2019 version at

Part 5 Submission Of Samples

For mandatory annual screening, all samples must be sent to an approved laboratory. A list of approved laboratories is available on the website:

An appropriate history should be given on the sample submission form. It is essential to include any BVD vaccination history to allow accurate interpretation of the results.

A common submission form has been created for all the approved laboratories - this is available from the laboratory and on the Scottish Government BVD website, as above. The laboratory needs to receive the following:

1. The keeper's name, address and postcode.

2. The CPH number for the holding on which the herd is kept.

3. The CPH number for the holding on which the animals are registered if different to where they are kept.

4. The vet name, address and postcode.

5. The date samples were taken.

6. Which testing method (see Part 3) was chosen.

7. Whether samples are to be tested for the presence of BVD virus or evidence of antibody to BVD virus.

8. The full 14 character official ear tag numbers for all the animals from which the samples derive.

9. The number of breeding females in the herd.

10. The number of calving periods.


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