The Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) Eradication Scheme phase 4: guidance for vets

This guidance has been replaced by the 2019 version at

Part 1 Introduction

This booklet is an updated practical guide for vets in practice on animal restrictions and mandatory testing under the Scottish BVD eradication scheme. It outlines the new legislation, provides advice on the testing methods and explains what to do with samples.

Most herds in Scotland are free of BVD - we estimate no more than a fifth of holdings have an active BVD virus infection in any one year. Removing BVD from those remaining herds would be worth thousands of pounds to most of them each year, and millions of pounds to the Scottish cattle sector.

BVD eradication is achievable in almost all herds in less than two years. The risk of re-infection through contact with infected animals remains, but by eradicating BVD at the national level, everyone benefits through minimising these risks.

Separate guidance for farmers has been sent to all cattle keepers and can be found on the Scottish Government website at Copies have also been sent to all livestock veterinary practices.


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