The Bovine Viral Diarrhoea (BVD) Eradication Scheme phase 4: guidance for vets

This guidance has been replaced by the 2019 version at


The Scottish BVD Eradication Scheme: A Guide to Enhanced Annual Screening for Vets in Practice

This guidance has been created to help you advise cattle keepers on how they can meet the requirements of the law in relation to BVD. The Scottish Government has produced this guidance with content and advice from George Caldow of SAC, Peter Nettleton, and partners from the livestock industry, veterinary profession and scientific bodies.

Further copies of this guidance are available from:

BVD Eradication Team
Scottish Government
P Spur
Saughton House
Broomhouse Drive
EH11 3XD

Tel: 0300 244 9823
Fax: 0300 244 9797


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