Barclay Implementation Advisory Group: Appeals sub-group final report

Summary of discussions from the Barclay Implementation Appeals sub-group and the associated working group.

2. Membership 

The membership of the Appeals sub-Group is taken from the Group (Table 1). The Appeals sub-Group was chaired by members of the Scottish Government’s NDR Policy Team.

Table 1: Membership of the Appeals sub-Group

Name Organisation
Graeme Strachan Lothian Valuation Joint Board (LVJB)
Ian Milton Scottish Assessors Association (SAA)
Alastair Kirkwood[4] Scottish Assessors Association (SAA)
Ken McCormack Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
Brian Rogan  Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC)
Moira Walker/Niall Rankin Scottish Property Federation (SPF)
Alastair Beattie[5] Scottish Valuation Appeal Committees Forum (SVACF)

The membership of the Working Group comprises the original members of the Appeals Sub-Group,[6] and the following two members (Table 2).

Table 2: Additional membership of the Working Group

Name Organisation
Derek Kidd Scottish Business Ratepayer Group (SBRG)
Kate Crawford  Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board (RVJB)



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