Barclay Implementation Advisory Group: Appeals sub-group final report

Summary of discussions from the Barclay Implementation Appeals sub-group and the associated working group.

Annex C: Illustrative move to online communication of valuation notices and further information

The Appeals sub-Group supported the move to a paperless interaction between the Assessor and PTO on the basis of encouraging digitalization and lowering public sector costs as well as the environmental impact of communication. 

It would be sensible for this move to be gradual between the 2022 revaluation and the 2025 revaluation in order that ratepayers may become familiar with the proposed changes in the valuation system, the introduction of draft RV, and reforms to the appeals system. It should also always allow for postal provision of information upon request. 

Based on these principles, one member of the group suggested that at the point of online publication of Draft RV for the 2022 revaluation, the Assessor issues a postal letter to all PTO advising of the publication of Draft RV and where they can be accessed online. It should also reference other information that is available, including the move to three yearly revaluations, the creation of a proposal stage and associated PTO rights. 

The letter should also indicate that if the revaluation RV is different when the revaluation comes into force on 1 April then another letter will be issued.

The member further suggested that from 2025 all notifications from the Assessor be provided via a user account on the SAA Portal (noting that this facilities does not currently exist), and that the above letter should encourage PTO or their agent to register for a user account. This could allow for any future electronic notifications to be given to PTO either directly or via e-mail alerts. PTO could have the opportunity to opt out of this system if desired.

This schedule would provide the SAA with three years from 2022 to ensure that facilities to support SAA Portal user accounts can be developed, tested and implemented.



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