Attainment Scotland Fund evaluation - families and communities: thematic evaluation report 2024

This report presents evidence from the evaluation of the Attainment Scotland Fund (ASF) to show how approaches to family and community support and engagement have developed and been embedded in schools and local authorities as a result of funding.


1. Priority areas of thematic focus for the Evaluation identified and agreed by the internal Evaluation Working Group and the Evaluation Advisory Panel.

2. As highlighted in the ASF Year 6 evaluation report.

3. Evaluation of the Attainment Scotland Fund - interim report (Years 1 and 2), published March 2018

4. The survey was live from 11 May to 12 June 2023 and received 19 responses from across the 32 local authorities. A set of thematic questions were included in the survey. This included both closed and open questions.

5. Lunchtime initiative for families and communities.

6. Attainment Scotland Fund Evaluation SAC Leads Survey, 2023



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