Human Rights Bill consultation - questions and answers: easy read version

The easy read version of the independent analysis of responses to the consultation on A Human Rights Bill for Scotland.

Putting the law into action

This part is about how the Human Rights Bill will be put into action.

Action will happen in stages so that there is enough time for organisations to prepare.

What people told us about putting the law into action

Lots of people said they liked:

  • having several stages to put human rights into place over time
  • the Minimum Core Obligations

Many people said that these people should help with the plan:

  • organisations like charities
  • people from groups who most need their human rights protected

They also said that there needs to be clear information that everyone can understand.

People said there should be information in:

  • audio
  • braille
  • British Sign Language
  • Easy Read
  • large print

Many people said that there needs to be good planning ahead so that the right levels of money and training are in place in the future.

Some people also wanted details like times, dates and actions in the plans.



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