Human Rights Bill consultation - questions and answers: easy read version

The easy read version of the independent analysis of responses to the consultation on A Human Rights Bill for Scotland.

Other rights and equality

Equality means everyone getting the same chances to do what they can.

Some people may need extra help to get the same chances.

This part is about how we deal with other rights, including civil and political rights.

Civil and political rights are rights that protect everyone’s freedom to do things like:

  • express themselves
  • vote for a political party

This part of the consultation is also about making sure that:

  • human rights are accessed equally by everyone, without leaving anyone out
  • everyone has a say about how the Bill is put into practice

What people told us about other rights

Lots of people said they wanted the Human Rights Act – which has civil and political rights in it – to be part of how the Bill is put into practice.

Lots of people said they wanted us to put a new right in – the right to have a say in how the Bill is put into practice.

Many people said it was important that there is equal protection of everyone’s rights.

Many people wanted certain groups to be protected by new laws:

  • LGBTI people – this means people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex
  • older people

Lots of people asked for clearer information about how to put the Bill into action so that everyone can know.



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