Human Rights Bill consultation - questions and answers: easy read version

The easy read version of the independent analysis of responses to the consultation on A Human Rights Bill for Scotland.

Getting justice

This part is about people being able to get justice when their human rights have not been respected.

Justice means making things right when the law has not been followed.

What people told us about getting justice

Lots of people said they liked:

  • the plan on how to deal with complaints
  • the changes that will be made to some organisations so they can check how well human rights are being put into action.

Many people asked for clearer information about:

  • these plans
  • how things might change
  • how organisations will work together

Many people said that there will need to be enough:

  • money and staff
  • training
  • advice services
  • advocacy services

Advocacy services offer someone to speak up for you, when you cannot speak up for yourself at that time.



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