Human Rights Bill consultation - questions and answers: easy read version

The easy read version of the independent analysis of responses to the consultation on A Human Rights Bill for Scotland.

About the consultation

The Human Rights Bill is a new set of human rights laws that we want to happen in Scotland.

A consultation is when the Scottish Government asks people for their views before important changes are made.

The Human Rights Bill Consultation asked the public what they thought about new human rights laws in Scotland.

The consultation was open from 15 June 2023 to 5 October 2023.

The consultation had 52 questions.

People could answer the questions in different ways:

  • online using Citizen Space
  • by email
  • in an Easy Read document or a child-friendly document
  • by post
  • at consultation events

Nearly 400 people and organisations answered the consultation.

There were 7 events organised by the Scottish Government where anyone could come and join in the discussions.

Answers came from:

  • people
  • local councils
  • organisations
  • schools and university staff
  • lawyers
  • businesses
  • charities

The consultation asked about:

  • putting rights into law
  • the right to a healthy environment
  • other rights and equality
  • duties
  • getting justice
  • putting the law into action

Some of these tricky words will be explained later in this document.



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