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Annual Report 2014 - Reporting on the Quality and Efficiency Support Team

Published: 21 Jul 2015
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Health and social care

QuEST’s Annual Report 2014 provides an overview of QuEST programmes’ achievements in 2014 and upcoming priorities for 2015. The report features a wealth of case studies from Boards as well as our programmes. These case studies form a comprehensive collection of innovative quality improvement work currently undertaken in NHSScotland – driven, supported and/or resourced by QuEST. The report’s foreword is provided by Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport.

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Annual Report 2014 - Reporting on the Quality and Efficiency Support Team
Part 13: Performance Support

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Part 13: Performance Support


Martin Hopkins
t: 0131 244 5178

Performance Support

The QuEST Performance Support Team supports NHS Boards to deliver HEAT targets and standards which contribute towards delivery of the Scottish Government's Purpose and National Outcomes and NHSScotland's Quality Ambitions.


  • Maintain a flexible response to NHS Boards encountering challenges in delivery of HEAT targets and standards
  • Bring together external expertise and facilitate a mechanism for collective support
  • Provide a detailed analysis of local operational data
  • 'Walk the patient pathway' to talk to the staff who deliver the service
  • Support the exchange of ideas and sharing of good practice with staff providing the service
  • Identify recommendations for NHS Boards to implement, and identify additional support as necessary

what is it?

The Performance Support Programme aims to help NHS Boards to achieve key Scottish Government objectives. The responsive nature of the Programme accommodates a range of skills. NHS Boards are able to access the skills and time of the Performance Support Team when needed.


  • Provide a mechanism of finding collective support and opportunities for NHS Boards to focus jointly on areas of concern such as the HEAT targets
  • Assist in drawing together resources to support NHS Boards by making connections between experts and staff (in some areas the programme has assisted in creating professional networks of support and creating local champions to sustain change)
  • Aid NHS Boards in the understanding and analysis of patient 'pathways', which may result in more rapid identification of inconsistencies and delays
  • Collect and analyse data for the informed evaluation of improvement and performance measures
  • Identify and offer further avenues of support for implementation such as timely assessment, appropriate interventions and use of specialist skills
  • Stimulate the development of pathways to community support

The process of Performance Support is illustrated below:

Performance Support

achievements 2014

  • The achievements of the Performance Support Programme 2013-2014 included sustained work in Scotland but also providing advice to health systems in England and Australia
  • The Programme has delivered tailored support to several NHS Boards producing diagnostic reports containing operational data and observations, including expert advice following 'walking the patients pathway', this has provided NHS Boards with evidence to improve their performance and subsequently meet HEAT targets
  • The Programme also spent time drawing together learning from its supportive work throughout the year and identified ways of moving towards deeper customised analysis of the data collected
  • The Programme has become more accomplished in the analysis of large data sets and creating clean operational data that is more easily scrutinised by NHS Boards and other stakeholders
  • The Programme has become more adept at exploring patterns and trends within data and sharing knowledge with NHS Boards and stakeholders to increase awareness and support informed change

priorities 2015

  • Provide a responsive support mechanism that is informed and flexible for NHS Boards
  • Support NHS Boards across Scotland to understand performance issues
  • Improve the understanding of data to identify emerging priorities for NHS Boards and other stakeholders
  • Diagnose the root causes and develop and implement strategies to improve the delivery of health services
  • Work closely with the Scottish Government to improve the Quality of Care, including achieving HEAT targets
  • Support broader plans and wider ambitions for improvement and performance objective


Email: Carolin Zywotteck; Shona Cowan