Annual energy statement: 2020

This year’s energy statement highlights the key developments in the sector that have influenced the Scottish Government's ability to deliver the targets set out in the current Energy Strategy, published in December 2017.

8. Renewable Heat

Scotland’s heat demand is still primarily made up from fossil fuels, however progress on renewables has been made:

Renewable heat

Scotland generated 5,230 GWh of renewable heat in 2018, up 14.5% of 2017.

This is the equivalent of supplying almost 387,000 Scottish homes with gas for the year.

This makes up 6.3% of all non-electrical heat demand.

Energy Efficiency - Demand reduction

Demand reduction

From a 2005-07 baseline, Scotland’s energy consumption reduced by 12.2% in 2018. This is:

Down 16.0% in non-domestic sector (to 2017)

Down 15.9% in domestic sector (to 2017)

Down 17.4% in electricity consumption (to 2018)

Down 15.2% in heat consumption (to 2017)

Up 0.9% in transport consumption (to 2018)

Recently, energy consumption increased in all sectors – in 2018 it was up by 3.1% on 2015, mirroring trends witnessed in other European countries.



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