Annual energy statement: 2020

This year’s energy statement highlights the key developments in the sector that have influenced the Scottish Government's ability to deliver the targets set out in the current Energy Strategy, published in December 2017.

13. Monitoring and Engagement

Scottish Energy Advisory Board (SEAB)

In 2019, a realignment of the expert group structure underneath SEAB took place to ensure that SEAB remained focused on both seizing the opportunities and tackling the challenges facing the energy industry with regards to innovation, transition and delivery.

New Strategic Leadership Groups (SLGs) were formed to focus on the key areas within Scotland’s energy strategy as follows:

  • Renewable Energy Strategic Leadership Group;
  • Energy Networks Strategic Leadership Group;
  • Consumer Leadership Group - The Energy Consumer Commission; and
  • Oil and Gas and Energy Transition Strategic Leadership Group.

The most recent meeting of SEAB took place on 17 December 2020, and a standing item on the agenda is an update on progress from the Strategic Leadership Groups to ensure all opportunities to collaborate with SEAB and across all four SLGs are captured.

Just Transition Commission

The Just Transition Commission was established to provide advice on how we can transition to a net zero society by 2045 in a way that maximises the economic and social opportunities, while managing the challenges.

The Commission began its work in January 2019 and, prior to the pandemic, was travelling the country hearing from a wide range of voices regarding Scotland’s transition to net zero. Recently, at the request of ministers they have published advice for Government on priorities for a green recovery from COVID-19. They are due to publish their final report to Ministers in early 2021.

International Outreach

Scotland’s Energy Strategy recognises the importance of working with international partners to better understand the transition to a net zero economy.

We have a dedicated International Energy Policy Advisor to promote Scotland’s Energy Strategy. Over the course of 2019-2020, our international relationships have continued to be developed and strengthened, and we will continue to look to prioritise activity that promotes Scotland’s reputation, learning and policy exchange, increasing Scotland’s attractiveness to international partners and ensuring a flow of new investment.

Ahead of the rescheduled UN Climate Conference – COP26 – which is due to take place in Glasgow in November 2021, we will continue to enhance our collaboration with international partners to support a global transition to net zero that is fair and just, and leaves no one behind.

Future Engagement

Early next year, the Scottish Government will publish a policy position for Scotland’s Energy Sector. This position statement will build upon engagement we have had with SEAB and across the wider stakeholder landscape.



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