Annual energy statement: 2020

This year’s energy statement highlights the key developments in the sector that have influenced the Scottish Government's ability to deliver the targets set out in the current Energy Strategy, published in December 2017.

2. Energy in Real Life

Scotland generated 30.5 TWh of electricity from renewable sources in 2019, equivalent to:

  • Charging almost 6.7 billion mobile phones for a year
  • Boiling approximately 700 billion kettles.

Scotland generated 5.2 TWh of renewable heat in 2019, equivalent to:

  • Gas use of every building in Glasgow City
  • Heating all educational establishments for roughly 2 years

Scotland consumed 147 TWh of energy in 2018, equivalent to:

  • 24,000 flights around the world
  • The UK’s road and rail energy use for four months

Scotland’s annual energy consumption dropped by 22.2 TWh between 2005-07 and 2018, equivalent to the energy required:

  • To cook meals for every household in Scotland for just over 10 years.
  • For 14.8 billion showers



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