Environmental principles and governance after Brexit: responses to consultation

An analysis report on responses recieved as part of the Consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance in Scoltand, which ran from the 16 February to 11 May 2019.

Appendix 1: Approach to analysis and reporting

The analysis team developed a qualitative coding framework based on a review of the consultation questions and sample of responses. The report also draws on summaries of discussions at a consultation workshop hosted by the Scottish Government.

This report presents the range of views expressed and trends amongst responses. During analysis it became evident that some participants repeated aspects of their responses across questions and in some cases, parts of a response aligned more closely with another question in the discussion document. To avoid repetition, the analysis is presented under the most appropriate thematic heading.

Where appropriate, quotes have been included to illustrate key points. Quotes provide useful examples, insights and contextual information, but may not always represent the views of entire groups. If participants gave permission for their response to be published, we have quoted directly, however minor spelling or grammatical errors have been corrected to improve readability.

Two individuals asked for their response not to be published. Their responses were included in analysis, but no quotes have been drawn from their submissions. Fifteen organisations asked for their response to be published without naming them, in those cases, we have attributed quotes to 'organisation, anonymous'. In all cases, where quotes are drawn from an individual respondent, they have been attributed to an 'individual, anonymous' rather than a specific person.


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