Non-surgical cosmetic procedures regulation: consultation analysis - final report

Independent analysis of the responses to our consultation on the regulation of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, which ran in 2020.

Appendix One: Documents and additional evidence referenced by respondents

Guidance and frameworks

Cosmetic Practice Standards Authority Supervision Matrix

Department of Health and Social Care, Before you have a cosmetic procedure, 2019, available at:

General Medical Council, Good practice in prescribing and managing medicines and devices

GPhC Guidance for pharmacist providers Nov 2019

JCCP guidelines on prescribing

NHS Health Education England, Qualification requirements for delivery of cosmetic procedures: Non-surgical cosmetic interventions and hair restoration surgery, 2015

Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions, 2013

Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland, Briefing Note BN030

Royal Society for Public Health, Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention and Control for Special Procedures Practitioners

Save Face – a national register of Accredited practitioners who provide non-surgical cosmetic treatments

Skins and Needles, 2019

Literature relating to the potential harm of non-surgical cosmetic procedures

Koh IS and Lee W (2019) Filler complications: filler-induced hypersensitivity reactions, granuloma, necrosis, and blindness , Singapore: Springer (e-book)

Liu L, Yin M, Liu S et al. (2020) Facial filler causes stroke after development of cerebral fat embolism The Lancet 395(10222): 449.

Nuffield Council on Bioethics (2017) Cosmetic procedures: ethical issues, available at:

Nuffield Council on Bioethics (2015) Review of the evidence of harms caused by the use of nontherapeutic cosmetic procedures, available at:

Rayess HM, Svider PF, Hanba C et al. (2018) A cross-sectional analysis of adverse events and litigation for injectable fillers JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery 20(3): 207-14.

Urdiales-Gálvez F, Delgado NE, Figueiredo V et al. (2018) Treatment of soft tissue filler complications: expert consensus recommendations Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 42(2): 498-510.

Wang LL, Thomas WW, and Friedman O (2018) Granuloma formation secondary to silicone injection for soft-tissue augmentation in facial cosmetics: mechanisms and literature review Ear, Nose & Throat Journal 97(1-2): E46-E51.



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