Allied Health Professions Scotland Consensus Statement on Quality Service Values

A consensus statement by the thirteen Allied Health Professions in Scotland on the minimum quality service values the people of Scotland can expect from Allied Health Professionals and Allied Health Professions service providers.

Purpose of the Quality Service Values

The Consensus Statement clearly sets out:

  • the core quality service values which are transparent and common across all Allied Health Professions.
  • the minimum quality service values the people of Scotland should expect from Allied Health Professions services and from individual Allied Health Professionals.
  • a framework which will support the integral identity of the title Allied Health Professional whilst respecting the uniqueness of each Allied Health Profession.
  • a value base which links to and is supportive of the long term strategy for health and social care and other sectors.
  • a framework in which Allied Health service provision can be observed, discussed, protected and improved.


Email: Julie Townsend

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