Allied Health Professions Scotland Consensus Statement on Quality Service Values

A consensus statement by the thirteen Allied Health Professions in Scotland on the minimum quality service values the people of Scotland can expect from Allied Health Professionals and Allied Health Professions service providers.


The Consensus Statement on Allied Health Professions Scotland Quality Service Values has been developed in partnership with the Allied Health Professions Federation Scotland, the AHP Directors Scotland and the Scottish Government.

This Consensus Statement is a significant, strategic step in the development, for the first time, of Allied Health Professions quality service values in Scotland. The plan to develop a Consensus Statement on AHP Quality Service Values is contained in the Scottish Government's National Delivery Plan for the Allied Health Professions in Scotland 2012-2015 (Chapter 5: Maximising workforce engagement and development).

The AHP Quality Service Values are regarded as a unifying basis for the significant contribution of all the Allied Health Professions to integrated service delivery to achieve the 2020 Vision.


Email: Julie Townsend

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