Adult Disability Payment: Consultation on the Mobility Component: Easy Read

The Scottish Government's consultation on the mobility component of Adult Disability Payment gives people the opportunity to give their views on the eligibility criteria. The findings will inform the independent review of Adult Disability Payment commencing later this year.

Section 4: Other considerations

Alternative approaches

Most people told us they support using a point-based way to decide who gets Adult Disability Payment.

We kept the same points to help people move from Adult Disability Payment to PIP without problems.

Some people tell us points-based systems don't tell us enough about someone's health condition or disability.

Question 9

If you could change the way we assess a person's mobility needs, what changes would you make?

Do you think your ideas would have any good or bad impacts?

Deliverability of recommendations

Adult Disability Payment was designed with disabled people to make sure it works for them.

We want to learn and make sure Adult Disability Payment works for disabled people now and in the future.

People would like us to make changes quickly, but we need to take our time and get things right.

Small changes can have a big effect for our staff. They might need training or new forms, and that takes time.

Bigger changes will take longer to put in place. It is important we are clear about how long it will take to make big changes.

Money is also a challenge for the Scottish Government when thinking about possible changes to Adult Disability Payment.

Question 10

Tell us how you think we can make sure any changes we make to Adult Disability Payment are affordable and realistic.

Do you think your ideas would have any good or bad impacts?

Considering the impact of recommendations on reserved benefits and entitlements – passporting

People who get PIP or Adult Disability Payment may also get UK Government benefits like Universal Credit. These are called passported benefits.

If we make big changes to Adult Disability Payment it might cost the UK Government more money. This means they would want to ask the Scottish Government for the money from our budget.

If changes are made to UK Government benefits, there might be delays in people getting their payments.

We want to make sure that everyone gets the money they are entitled to, including passported benefits.

Question 11

How important is keeping the "passporting" arrangement to you?

Extremely important

Very important

Somewhat important

Not very important

Not important at all

Please tell us why you think this.



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