Adult Disability Payment: Consultation on the Mobility Component: Easy Read

The Scottish Government's consultation on the mobility component of Adult Disability Payment gives people the opportunity to give their views on the eligibility criteria. The findings will inform the independent review of Adult Disability Payment commencing later this year.

Changes to Adult Disability Payment

We start from a position of trust when someone applies for Adult Disability Payment.

We usually only need one piece of supporting information from a formal source. This can be someone like a doctor or support worker.

There will not be assessments like Personal Independence Payment has.

People will only be invited to a consultation if we need more information to decide an Adult Disability Payment application.

A consultation is a phone call, a video call or an in-person meeting with a health or care professional from Social Security Scotland to help us understand your needs better.

Reviews will not happen as often with Adult Disability Payment and will be more straight forward for people.

If you do not agree with our review decision, you can get financial support while we look at this again.

You do not need to pay this back.

You can apply for Adult Disability Payment online, by post, over the phone or with our Local Delivery team.

The Local Delivery team are people from Social Security Scotland who can help you with your application from your home or somewhere close to you.



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