Education: improvement framework and plan - 2021

Sets out the vision and priorities for Scottish education that have been agreed across the system, and the national improvement activity that needs to be undertaken to help deliver those key priorities.


This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an unavoidable impact on the National Improvement Framework and Improvement Plan.   It has meant that, although we are still striving to gain a deeper understanding of our educational strengths and weaknesses, and to use that information to drive improvement, our primary focus for the next year is one of recovery and support.

The 2021 NIF and Improvement Plan may have fewer new actions than in previous years, but those actions are clearly focused on supporting the education system to recover from the impact that the pandemic has had on all levels of the system, from staff and students, to parents, carers and the wider community.  

Over this past year, the Scottish education system has embodied the values of CfE and has pulled together to shoulder the collective responsibility for looking after the health, wellbeing and achievement of every child in Scotland.  The actions set out under each of the drivers of improvement, will help support the whole system to work together and to continue to develop the skills, judgement, and creativity required to build a more resilient education system for the future. 

A photograph of young children in a school environment



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