Marine and fisheries grants

I’m afraid that current assistance under the European Maritime & Fisheries Fund and the Marine and Fisheries Fund in Scotland is fully committed at present.

Marine Fund Scotland is now open for Expressions of Interest, please see the ‘overview’ page for details.

  1. Fishing practices adapted in commercial fisheries: review

    Comprehensive literature review on the specific interventions taken in Scotland, the UK and EU to reduce the climate related impacts of the marine wild capture fisheries sector complemented with a series of stakeholder interviews on direct experiences and challenges.

  2. Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23: general guidance notes

    General guidance notes for prospective applicants to the Marine Fund Scotland 2022-23, including information on who can apply and how to apply.

  3. Support for fishing and coastal communities

    Investing in the Blue Economy.

  4. Support for fishing businesses and coastal communities

    Next round of funding announced.

  5. A Blue Economy Vision for Scotland

    Sets out our long-term ambition for Scotland’s blue economy to 2045. It demonstrates how much we value our marine environment and its significance. This is captured in six outcomes sitting across a range of environmental, social and economic ambitions.

  6. Scottish Nephrops Working Group Report: Scottish Government response

    Our response to the recommendations in the Scottish Nephrops Working Group report of September 2021.

  7. Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2020

    National Statistics publication that provides data on the tonnage and value of all landings of sea fish and shellfish by Scottish vessels, all landings into Scotland, the rest of the UK and abroad, and the size and structure of the Scottish fishing fleet and employment on Scottish vessels.

  8. Funding for fishing sector training and equipment

    Support to help keep Scottish fishers safe

  9. Extra support for ports and harbours

    Investing in coastal communities. 

  10. Island communities impact assessments: guidance - consultation

    Our islands face particular challenges around distance, geography, connectivity and demography, so it is important that policy makers consider these properly. The consultation on the guidance will help ensure that islands receive fair treatment tailored to their unique circumstances.

  11. Seafood sector investment

    Funding to help aquaculture businesses affected by COVID-19.

  12. Support for Scottish seafood industry worth £22.5 million

    More than 1,000 businesses now eligible for help.

  13. Funding for marine economy

    European investment to support sector.

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