Investment finance

  1. Heat Networks Delivery Models

    This report, prepared by Scottish Futures Trust (SFT) for the Scottish Government, assesses the potential roles that a range of delivery models (alongside a number of complementary enabling structures / mechanisms) could play in helping to accelerate the pace and scale of heat network deployment.

  2. The Environment Strategy for Scotland: Delivering the Environment Strategy Outcome on Scotland's Economy - Evidence Base & Policy Levers

    This report presents evidence and initial recommendations on how the Scottish Government could use the available policy levers to support the transformations in Scotland’s economy needed to help tackle the climate and nature emergencies.

  3. Scotland's International Strategy

    This strategy sets out our approach to international engagement and delivery to the end of the current parliamentary term.

  4. Scottish Government capital borrowing and bonds: memorandum

    A memorandum on the Scottish Government's borrowing policy and future approach to borrowing and bonds.

  5. Investor Panel recommendations: Scottish Government response

    The Scottish Government agrees with the Panel that there are characteristics of investor friendly states that Scotland should seek to emulate and that require a new and very different approach if Scotland is to attract the scale of global capital required. The Government accepts this challenge.

  6. Investor Panel: Mobilising international capital to finance the transition to Net Zero

    Large scale private capital investment is needed to enable Scotland’s just transition to net zero. The Investor Panel’s proposals will help to make Scotland a globally competitive investment destination. They include clear priorities, more agile decision making and upskilling Ministers and officials

  7. Natural capital: economic benefits assessment

    Outlines new economic analysis that quantifies the likely economic impacts, measured as output and jobs created, from hypothetical cross-sector regional and national programmes of natural capital investment in Scotland.

  8. European Investment Bank - SPRUCE evaluation: final report

    This report sets out the findings of the final evaluation of the Scottish Partnership for Regeneration in Urban Centres (“SPRUCE”) fund, undertaken by the Indigo House Group on behalf of the JESSICA Holding Fund Scotland.

  9. Scotland's Vision for Trade: annual report - June 2023

    Our second annual report on Scotland's Vision for Trade, outlining the range of specific actions that we have taken over the past year and our continued ambition to make trade-related decisions based on the principles of inclusive growth, wellbeing, sustainability, net zero and good governance.

  10. Mobilising private investment in natural capital: report

    This report looks at how to encourage responsible private investment into peatland restoration, including how to overcome barriers to scaling voluntary carbon markets to restore peatland in Scotland.

  11. Inward Investment Values Wheel

    The Inward Investment Values Wheel sets out the values-led inward investment policy position of the Scottish Government.

  12. Resource Spending Review

    Plans to invest in Scotland’s future.

  13. Financing Scotland's recovery: analysis

    The Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture has been working closely with the banks in Scotland since the start of the COVID-19 crisis to better understand how we can facilitate economic recovery.

  14. Core missions for Investment Bank

    New body to drive economic recovery.

  15. Sector guidance for easing lockdown

    Support to work safely.

  16. Call for urgent talks with new Chief Secretary to the Treasury

    Joint letter from the devolved administrations.

  17. Certainty for Scottish businesses

    Rates relief will be retained.

  18. Fintech cluster wins European recognition

    Accreditation award is the first in the UK.

  19. Tackling problem debt advice: routemap

    Sets out our vision for a user-centred, collaborative and sustainable free debt advice system in Scotland.

  20. Bankruptcy and debt advice review: consultation

    The consultation which forms part of the review into the Bankruptcy and Debt Advice (Scotland) Act 2014.

  21. Scottish National Investment Bank Bill: business and regulatory impact assessment

    Potential costs on businesses in Scotland that may result from the creation of Scottish National Investment Bank.

  22. Scottish National Investment Bank Bill: equality impact assessment

    How Scottish National Investment Bank's ethical approach will be developed.

  23. Scottish National Investment Bank consultation: analysis of responses

    Analysis of responses to Scottish National Investment Bank consultation which ran from 5 September to 31 October 2018.

  24. Businesses concerned about Brexit

    Risks of higher consumer prices, loss of labour and EU funding.

  25. Michelin tyres plant

    Economy Secretary meets unions and management.

  26. Scottish National Investment Bank: consultation paper

    This consultation paper will focus on the Bank’s objectives, purpose and governance, as well as its relationship with Ministers and stakeholders.

  27. Small Business Survey Scotland: 2017

    Sets out the findings for Scotland of the Small Business Survey 2017.

  28. The consequence of UK choices on Scotland

    Finance Secretary calls on UK Government to change course on austerity, immigration and Brexit.

  29. Bankruptcy numbers level off in Scotland

    Accountant in Bankruptcy provisional figures for 2017-18 show similar sequestration numbers year-on-year.

  30. Scottish Insolvency Statistics: January to March 2018 (2017-18 Quarter 4)

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  31. Fintech investment reaches £37m

    Economy Secretary reinforces strength of Scotland’s Fintech sector.

  32. Scottish retail sales flat in 2017 Quarter 4

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland

  33. Budget sets out economic growth package

    Economic expansion at centre of spending plans.

  34. Most taxpayers to pay less than rest of UK

    Additional revenues raised to protect NHS and other services.

  35. Scotland’s Budget

    Investing in the NHS, protecting low earners, backing Scotland’s economy.

  36. Additional Rate of Income Tax analysis

    Update reflects advice by the Council of Economic Advisors.

  37. Sports, arts and community centres to keep rates relief

    Charity relief upheld for community venues.

  38. Council of Economic Advisers: building our industrial strategy

    Submission by the Council of Economic Advisers, regarding institutions to support patient capital and economic development, to the UK Government consultation on industrial strategy

  39. Scottish Annual Business Statistics 2015

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  40. Non-domestic Rates Revaluation Appeals Statistics, Scotland 2017-18, Quarter 1

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  41. UK Government/DUP deal

    Call for urgent meeting to discuss full implications of the funding agreement.

  42. Green Investment Bank sale

    Economy Secretary welcomes commitment to Scotland as new owner announced.

  43. Scottish Income Tax

    2017/18 rates to come into force.

  44. New roles for workers

    More than two thirds of Kwik-fit Insurance Services workers in positive destinations.

  45. Life sciences in Scotland

    Industry focused on £8bn target.

  46. Budget secures Scotland’s social contract

    Budget Bill 2017-18 passes final Parliamentary vote.

  47. Green Investment Bank

    Cabinet Secretary receives confirmation on protection of Scotland interests during sale.

  48. Debt solutions in Scotland hold steady

    Scots accessing statutory debt solutions show little movement, according to Accountant in Bankruptcy figures

  49. Green Investment Bank

    Assurances received over strategic importance of Green Investment Bank.

  50. Life for people in Scotland in 2015

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  51. Investing in junior savers

    Funding for credit unions to set up schemes in schools.

  52. Financial and business services key sector report

    A description of Scotland's financial and business services key sector, identifying challenges faced as well as potential opportunities.

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