Fish Health Inspectorate

Biosecurity and disinfection

Following the outbreak of infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) in May 1998, the former Fisheries Research Services (FRS) Fish Health Inspectorate (FHI) (now Marine Scotland Science FHI) produced a disinfection guide, outlining strategies to minimise and prevent the spread of the virus, thereby reducing the spread of disease.

In June 2006, version IV was produced and this guide should be regarded as best practice at fish farm sites and processing plants, and is intended for distribution to relevant industry personnel. The guide includes procedures for the cleaning and disinfection of equipment including:

  • well boats
  • divers and their gear
  • cages and nets
  • harvesting activity
  • processing plants including the ensiling of waste products
  • the disinfection of ova following the stripping of brood stock

Procedures described are based upon scientific knowledge and practical experience. If you require guidance on procedures not included in this guide please contact the Fish Health Inspectorate.

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