Fish Health Inspectorate

Authorisation and registration

You can find all authorisation and registration forms including guidance in our collection: Fish Health Inspectorate: authorisation and registration

Aquaculture Production Businesses (APBs) must be authorised with Marine Scotland, prior to commencement of farming activities.

Certain processing establishments (APEs) (those processing aquaculture animals slaughtered for disease control purposes) are also required to be authorised prior to processing such animals.

Certain lower risk installations such as stocked fisheries (FIS), non-commercial installations (NCBs) and specialist transporters (STBs) of aquaculture animals require to be registered with Marine Scotland.

Details on how to apply for authorisation and registration are available in this section along with all the appropriate application forms and guidance notes. An internet based register of all authorised APBs and APEs is also available to view.

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