Entrepreneurial people and culture

A culture of entrepreneurship is vital to create skilled jobs, provide higher wages and drive increased productivity.

This can lead to improved services, increased efficiency and result in new products and services that can then be exported or help address challenges in our society.

The actions set out in the National Strategy for Economic Transformation will establish Scotland as a world-class entrepreneurial nation by increasing the total number of new businesses created and the percentage of start-ups and existing businesses that grow.  It will also build entrepreneurial mind-sets across all enterprises and organisations. 

The programme to support entrepreneurs will:

  • embed first rate entrepreneurial learning across the education and skills systems
  • create a world class entrepreneurial infrastructure by establishing a national system of pre-scaler hubs that will help stimulate the very earliest stages of high growth commercial and social entrepreneurship
  • attract and retain the very best entrepreneurial talent from at home and abroad
  • build an entrepreneurial mind-set in every sector of our economy

National Challenge Competition on Economic Transformation

We are also launching a National Challenge Competition on Economic Transformation to encourage pioneers and entrepreneurs to help reshape the economy.  This will further the strategy’s principles and complement the mission-led work of Scottish National Investment Bank.

The competition will provide funding of up to £50 million to the project(s) with greatest potential to transform Scotland’s economy. 

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