Skilled workforce

Skills are important to allow people to participate and progress in the labour market and lead fulfilling lives.

A skilled population is also key to business productivity and economic prosperity.

Our aim through the National Strategy for Economic Transformation is for people to have the skills they need at every stage of life to have rewarding careers.

We will also want to meet the demands of an ever changing economy and society with employers investing in the skilled employees they need to grow their businesses.

Our programme of action includes:

  • adapting the education and skills system to make it more agile and responsive to economic needs and ambitions by implementing the next phase of the Green Jobs Workforce Academy and launching a new skills guarantee for workers in carbon intensive industries
  • supporting and incentivising people and their employers to invest in skills and training throughout their working lives
  • expanding Scotland’s available talent pool at all skills levels to give employers the skills pipeline they need to take advantage of opportunities
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