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Community Right to Buy - Application form to Register an Interest and Re-registration

A community body wishing to apply to register an interest under the Community Right to Buy is required to complete the appropriate application form. An explanatory guidance document is available to help complete the application form and this should be read in conjunction with the main guidance.

Completed application forms, including maps and supporting documentation, should be sent to:

Community Land Team
D Spur
Saughton House
Broomhouse Drive
EH11 3XD

or email: CRTB@gov.scot


A successful application is valid for five years from the date that Ministers approve the application. To extend your application for a further five years you must apply to Ministers to re-register your community interest within six months of the expiry date.

Scottish Ministers will contact you one year in advance of expiry in order to provide you with the relevant re-registration application form and to give you time to prepare your documentation.  A further notification will be issued to you when the six month window for submitting your re-registration opens.

The re-registration process is very similar to the initial registration process.  The information contained in your original application form can be used however it is also your opportunity to update any information which may now be out of date.  You will be required to show the current level of support as well as checking the ownership details to see if anything has changed in the five year period.

For further information on re-registration please see the Community Right to Buy guidance.

For Community Bodies who have a registration over land (pre 15 April 2016) the timings in relation to the trigger of the Right to Buy remain as they were pre 15 April 2016. Please contact the Community Land Team who will be able to provide further advice.