Community right to buy - re-registering a community interest in land: form

Application form and Community Right to Buy petition template for use by compliant community bodies seeking to re-register their community interest in land.

A community body wishing to apply to re-register its community interest in land under the Community Right to Buy is required to complete the attached application form.

Please note that the application form must be downloaded and then completed using the version stored on your personal device. If you attempt to complete the form online (and then download and save) then you may encounter issues with this form. 

If you require more space within the text boxes provided, additional annexes can be submitted with your application form. Any annexes should be clearly marked to indicate the question to which your answer relates, and a note of the annex reference should be noted within the relevant section of the application form. If your answer exceeds the text box (an error which may present when completing the form online) we will have no option but to decline to consider your application.

Section 5 of the application form requires a community body to demonstrate a level of community support alongside its re-registration application. The Community Right to Buy petition template (which can be downloaded below) should be used for gathering signatures in support of your application. All signatures must be handwritten and dated within the last six months. Any signature older than six months (from the date we receive your application) will not be counted towards community support. Online petitions will not be accepted. These requirements are outlined under Part 2 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003.

It is strongly recommended that all compliant community bodies submit a draft re-registration application form prior to the final version of the application form. The Community Land Team will then assess the application form for any compliance issues, i.e. mandatory criteria which must be met before we can accept your application form. Draft application forms should be emailed to  

The completed application form, including maps, a petition showing community support and supporting documentation, should be emailed to

Alternatively, the final application form can be sent to:

Community Land Team
Q Spur
Saughton House
EH11 3XD

Form to re-register a community interest in land
Community right to buy: re-registration petition list template
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