Community right to buy: application form and guidance

Application form, guidance and suggested petition list template for use by community bodies seeking to register an interest in land. Page last updated in August 2019.

A community body wishing to apply to register an interest under the Community Right to Buy is required to complete the attached application form.

There is also guidance to help complete the application form, and this should be read in conjunction with Community right to buy: guidance for applications made on or after 15 April 2016.

Additionally, the community body is required to demonstrate a level of community support alongside its application. We have produced a petition list template which you may wish to use (downloadable at the bottom of this page).

Completed application forms, including maps, a petition showing community support and supporting documentation, should be sent to:

Community Land Team
Q Spur
Saughton House
EH11 3XD

or email:

Community Right to Buy: application form
Community right to buy: application form guidance.pdf
Community right to buy: petition list template



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