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Getting the best from our land - A land use strategy for Scotland

DescriptionGetting the best from our land - A land use strategy for Scotland
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMarch 17, 2011


ISBN 978 1 78045 104 6
DPPAS 11084

This document is also available in pdf format (2.9Mb)

Laid before the Scottish Parliament by the Scottish Ministers on 17 March 2011 in pursuance of Section 57 of the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009


Ministerial foreword

1 A land use strategy for Scotland's future
1.1 Our agenda for sustainable land use
1.2 Why do we need a Land Use Strategy?
1.3 How does it relate to other Government strategies?
1.4 How will it work in practice?
1.5 What will the Strategy achieve?
1.6 Next steps
1.7 Proposals

2 Land use and business
2.1 Managing key resources strategically
2.2 Integrating different land uses
2.3 Promoting good decision-making
2.4 Improving regulations and incentives
2.5 Responding to climate change
2.6 A shift in approach - delivering multiple benefits
2.7 Proposals

3 Land use and the environment
3.1 A quality land environment
3.2 Recognising the link between us and our environment
3.3 Protecting and enhancing our natural assets
3.4 Responding to climate change
3.5 A shift in approach - partnerships with nature
3.6 Proposals

4 Land use and communities
4.1 Land and livelihoods
4.2 Enjoying the outdoors
4.3 People making a difference
4.4 Responding to climate change
4.5 A shift in approach - linking people to the land
4.6 Proposals

5 Delivering the Land Use Strategy
5.1 Delivering the Strategy's Proposals
5.2 Mainstreaming the Strategy's Principles
5.3 Partnership approach
5.4 Public sector lead in the short term
5.5 The longer term
5.6 Individuals making a difference
5.7 The changes we want

Annex A: Glossary and acronyms
Annex B: List of Proposals
Annex C: Maps
Annex D: Requirement under the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009