Winter Vaccination Programme 2022 to 2023: COVID-19 and seasonal flu deployment plan

Annual plan including target groups and timescales.

Monitoring progress

This is the biggest and most complex population-based immunisation programme ever delivered in Scotland. As the vaccination programme has evolved and expanded, monitoring our progress has become pivotal in ensuring our programme is achieving its ambitions.

A number of tools have been developed to facilitate the programme, including the web-based Turas Vaccination Management Tool (VMT) that enables vaccinators to capture and create real-time patient vaccination records, and for information to be shared safely and accurately. This has improved both local and national data analysis and reporting, allowing us to monitor uptake amongst different groups and regions to help us effectively tackle health inequalities. VMT is now being used across the flu and COVID-19 programmes, and has been introduced for several other vaccinations.

Public Health Scotland has developed its role in monitoring the state of infections across Scotland and publishes a number of reports, regular statistics and vaccine uptake information on both COVID-19 and seasonal flu to the public via their online dashboard and weekly publication.

As we approach autumn/winter, these reports are essential in monitoring the effectiveness of our vaccination programme. The Scottish Government meets with territorial NHS Boards regularly throughout the programme to report on uptake and ensure the vaccination programme continues at-pace.

Using tools such as VMT described above, we can better monitor uptake amongst various groups and thus target our vaccination efforts to ensure that marginalised groups can access the protection afforded by vaccination. Continuing this inclusive approach is built into national and local vaccination reporting, planning and delivery.

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