Wine legislation - proposed amendments: consultation analysis

Analysis report on the consultation to amend retained EU law (REUL) to introduce rules that will government how products marketed as "ice wine" must be produced and make changes to permitted oenological methods.

New approved oenological practices

Scottish Government intends to amend retained EU law (retained Regulation EC 2019/934 Annexes 1 and 2) to update the legislative list of approved oenological practices, processes and restrictions. REUL sets out details of the oenological practices, processes and restrictions that can be used to produce wine in GB.


For this question there were 4 responses, 3 replying there would be no impact and 1 saying a positive impact. When asked to explain response Comment received was ‘I support government legislation that controls wine classification and will outlaw misleading labelling and marketing of wine and wine products in the UK’ and ‘there are none in Scotland’.

Government view

Scottish Government intends to update the list of oenological practices for wine producers to have access to the latest technological developments and winemaking practices.



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