Wildlife management: consultation analysis

This report presents the key themes to emerge from our consultation on wildlife management in Scotland 2022.


1. Raeshaw Farms Ltd v Scottish Natural Heritage (2017) CSOH 50.

2. These are: 1) modify human practices when possible; 2) justify the need for control; 3) have clear and achievable outcome-based objectives; 4) cause the least harm to animals; 5) consider community values and scientific information; 6) include long-term systematic management; and 7) base control on the specifics of the situation.

3. Please note also that the sometimes extensive arguments made in relation to human rights and ECHR cannot be adequately represented in an analysis of this type, but that all responses are available to the Scottish Government.

4. Restoration of heather-dominated blanket bog vegetation for biodiversity, carbon storage, greenhouse gas emissions and water regulation: comparing burning to alternative mowing and uncut management : Final 10-year Report to the Project Advisory Group of Peatland-ES-UK.


Email: philippa.james@gov.scot

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