Wildlife crime in Scotland: 2015 annual report

The fourth wildlife crime annual report, this highlights new data from the financial year 2014 to 2015.

8. Legislative Changes

The following Scottish legislation, with relevance to wildlife crime, came into force in 2015.

The Snares (Training) (Scotland) Order 2015

This Order updated the list of approved bodies authorised to provide certificated training in the use of snares (a legal requirement for all snare users).

The Alien and Locally Absent Species in Aquaculture (Scotland) Regulations 2015

These Regulations provide a safeguard against the potential for adverse environmental effects associated with the introduction and movement of alien and locally absent species in aquaculture, and consist largely of mitigation measures to provide these safeguards. Aquaculture operators intending to undertake the introduction of alien species or the translocation of a locally absent species must apply for permission as required by the Regulations.

EU Regulation (1143/2014) on invasive alien (non-native) species

This EU regulation entered into force on 1 January 2015. The Regulation imposes restrictions on a list of species known as "species of Union concern". These are species whose potential adverse impacts across the European Union are such that concerted action across Europe is required. This list is drawn up by the European Commission and managed with Member States using risk assessments and scientific evidence. The Regulation has effect in Scotland.


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