Wellbeing economy monitor: December 2023 update

The monitor brings together a range of indicators to provide a baseline for assessing progress towards the development of a wellbeing economy in Scotland.

2. Purpose of the Monitor and this update

We developed the initial Wellbeing Economy Monitor to provide a baseline for tracking progress towards the development of a wellbeing economy in Scotland. It is based on the monitoring of a broad range of wellbeing outcomes in the National Performance Framework (Scotland's Wellbeing Framework). The Monitor focuses on some of the key areas where the economy and economic policy contribute to those outcomes, including those areas which influence future wellbeing.

The Monitor complements the indicators that have been selected to measure the success of the NSET, which focus on the key areas where NSET seeks to shift the dial. This update to the Monitor provides more recent data, where that is now available.

For child wellbeing analysis, a report[1] providing a high-level and holistic overview of current levels of wellbeing for children, young people and families in Scotland was published in September 2023 - incorporating Scotland's legal definition of child wellbeing.[2] This report provides detailed analysis of data available at both national and local level, based on the agreed set of 21 Core Wellbeing Indicators in Scotland's Children, Young People and Families Outcomes Framework.


Email: wellbeing.economy@gov.scot

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