The Welfare Foods (Best Start Foods) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2023: Fairer Scotland duty assessment summary

Assesses the impact of changes to Best Start Foods on socio-economic inequality. This duty came into force in Scotland in 2018 and is set out in Part 1 of the Equality Act 2010. It considers issues such as low income, low wealth and area deprivation.


The TCPDP identified a series of priority family types which are at the greatest risk of poverty, advising that they must be targeted in all of its child poverty reduction policies and measures.[89] We have developed these regulations in consultation with stakeholders to understand the impact on socioeconomic inequalities that are experienced by these priority, and by other key, groups. We have also drawn on existing research and analysis to fully understand the impact that these changes will have on these groups of people and to ensure that measures included will maximise beneficial impacts on the inequality they experience.

From this work we can conclude that the Welfare Foods (Best Start Foods) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2023 will actively contribute to reducing hardship faced by low income families and mitigate inequalities of outcome.



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