The Welfare Foods (Best Start Foods) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2023: Fairer Scotland duty assessment summary

Assesses the impact of changes to Best Start Foods on socio-economic inequality. This duty came into force in Scotland in 2018 and is set out in Part 1 of the Equality Act 2010. It considers issues such as low income, low wealth and area deprivation.

Policy Aims – Summary

The aims of the policy changes being introduced are to:

  • Support more low income families to access healthy food and milk;
  • Further align eligibility and procedures for BSF with BSG and SCP. This will:
    • make it easier for clients to understand the eligibility criteria;
    • reduce the need for re-applications and review requests;
    • make it easier to potentially automate payments in the future;
    • improve access to BSF for young parents;
    • make it easier to administer and promote the benefits; and
    • address stakeholder concerns regarding the need for better alignment across the five family payments
  • Make other technical changes to how we make payments. These will:
    • simplify the uprating process; and
    • make clear that we can pay BSF to individuals in another way where it is not appropriate to provide a prepaid card.



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