Water-resilient places - surface water management and blue-green infrastructure: policy framework

This paper outlines how surface water is currently managed in Scotland, sets out a vision for the future and describes the components that should be brought together to form a coherent framework that will support delivery of water resilient places.

A framework for the delivery of water resilient places

The framework in Figure 2 below supports the vision and outlines what we need to bring together to ensure a coordinated, cross-sector and sustainable approach to managing surface water and drainage in our cities, towns and smaller settlements.

Combined with the vision, this framework will provide the policy focus to bring organisations together to increase the delivery of blue-green infrastructure and create water-resilient places.

Figure 2: The key elements – what we need to bring together to deliver water- resilient places.
Visual depiction of the key elements to be delivered to produce water resilient places

Graphic text below

Water-Resilient Places

Decision makers in all sectors contribute to water resilience

Integrated FRM and drainage approach

Blue -Green Infrastructure - first approach and retrofit

Coordination of policy, standards, advice and support

(Strategic) drainage partnerships for towns and cities




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