The Vision for Justice in Scotland

We set out our transformative vision of the future justice system for Scotland, spanning the full journey of criminal, civil and administrative justice, with a focus on creating safer communities and shifting societal attitudes and circumstances which perpetuate crime and harm.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a just, safe resilient Scotland.

Issues of Justice affect us all.

Justice is the concept of fairness.

We must be able to exercise our human and civic rights, in order to live in a just and fair society.

It is not only when these rights are threatened that we require robust and fair responses. Effective processes of justice provide us all with a sense of security which is fundamental to our everyday lives. We therefore must have trust and confidence that justice will be delivered in regard to all issues which can impact our lives.

We need to make the law as easy and straightforward as possible to understand and access. Importantly, we must ensure that our processes and laws meet our needs now and in the future.

We will experience a reduction in crime and unintentional harm in our communities, improving all of our life chances by tackling societal issues like poverty, including child poverty, mental ill health, addiction and adverse childhood experiences.

We will have fair access to justice where the rule of law is respected, we are empowered to exercise our rights and we can access justice services with no financial barriers.

We will be treated as a person first and foremost, our voices will be heard and be supported to recover from the trauma we have experienced.

We will be supported in rehabilitation by the most effective means, primarily remaining in our communities with support and opportunities for fair work, employment and housing.



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