Victim Notification Scheme: guidance for victims of crime

Guide explaining what the scheme is, who can take part, what information you can expect to receive and when.

Will the offender know I have joined the Victim Notification Scheme?

The offender will not be told that you have joined the Victim Notification Scheme. However, if you choose to join part 2 of the Scheme and make representations to the Scottish Prison Service and the Parole Board for Scotland, the offender is entitled to see these. If the offender has a solicitor, she or he will also see them. You should not include any personal details, such as your address or your contact details, within the comments section of the form.

If, in relation to consideration of an offender’s application for release on Home Detention Curfew, you indicate that you wish your written representations to be considered by the relevant Governor of the prison, the Scottish Prison Service members of staff who deal with the Victim Notification Scheme and Home Detention Curfew will see what you have written. If a licence condition is added to the offender’s licence as a result of your representations the offender may see your representations.

You should also be aware that a decision not to release on Home Detention Curfew can be subject to legal challenge from the offender and that in these circumstances your representations may be seen by them and a court.



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