Victim Notification Scheme: guidance for victims of crime

Guide explaining what the scheme is, who can take part, what information you can expect to receive and when.

Who can take part in the Victim Notification Scheme

You can register for the Victim Notification Scheme if you are the victim of an offender who was sentenced to 18 months or more in prison. The Victim Information and Advice service (VIA) of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service will let you know if you are entitled to receive information.

You can take part in the scheme if you are:

  • a direct victim aged 12 years and over;
  • a parent or carer of a victim where the victim is a child under 12 years;
  • an entitled relative of the victim, if the victim is incapacitated; or
  • up to four entitled relatives of a victim who has died.

A full list of eligible relatives and how this works can be found on page 9.

You will not be entitled to receive information through the scheme if:

  • the offender is released before reaching the age of 16; or
  • if there are exceptional circumstances which make it inappropriate to give the information, for example if you are considered to present a risk of harm to the offender.



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